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Sustainable Development
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Sustainable Development
Sustainable Development

In Eco Red we worked to develop the limitless potential of the human being in harmony with nature, and considered that Sustainable Development is the best denomination for the mix of efforts, resources and intentions to reach a perfect harmony between economic development, environmental conservation and human well-being.

The course of human history can be seen as an evolutionary process, where humans are in a constant search of greater well-being and improvement of their form of life. In this process, the use of the natural resources has been the base of the human survival and the one that has made this evolution possible.

During several centuries, the use and the exploitation of the natural resources became the base on which the human economic and social development was built, without considering that nature’s deterioration was the consequence of this human progress, occurring mostly in the last decades.

Nowadays humanity faces poverty, hunger, diseases, lack of education, socioeconomic disparities, wars and the degradation of the ecosystems. The economic, social and ecological crises are more and more evident for all the sectors of the society.

It is without a doubt that the environmental conscience expands widely in our country and thus also the actions that this conscience considers. The information about the environmental problems reaches a greater number of people and with the evidence of the crisis and the difficulty of conciliating the interests of the economic development with the conservation of the ecosystems, an increasing number of citizens, civil employees, investigators, institutions and groups, act reach solutions.

In this context it has been necessary to create a basis for a deep change in the approach to conservation and development, a new attitude based on the sustainable use of the natural resources. The balance between environment and development is the only way to assure the survival of human society on Earth.

It is through this that the concept of Sustainable Development is generated; where the development is related to the necessity to diminish poverty and to protect the environment; where the natural resources of the world are limited, and where the continuous exploitation and bad use of the natural resources can lead to the exhaustion of the vital resources of the planet, causing an ecological catastrophe.

The sustainable development allows for the care of the necessities of the human race in the present, assuring the permanence of the resources to take care of the necessities of the future generations, based on the natural resources available, with decreased levels of ground, waters and atmosphere contamination, and directed to the improvement of the quality of life of the human beings and the habitat that surrounds them.

The Sustainable Development becomes possible as the interest in environmental protection grows; with the application of rational measures and effectiveness proven by means of the legislative resource and the participation of the society; with a greater support for the investigation and the development of technology dedicated to the environmental improvement and conservation; with the diffusion of the sources of risks and dangers in order to carry out prevention and remedy actions for the multiple impacts caused by the development.

The Sustainable Development also requires the support of education, science and technology; it requires internal change, based on the acquisition of knowledge that allows an upgrade of the values, and the ideas. It requires a change of ecological mentality in our society and our world, of the personal will and the family.

The Sustainable Development take us back to a wiser, less stressful life, more human and supportive , with respect for the surroundings and all life, where there is a better and more just distribution of wealth, and a balance exists between development and conservation, for a better quality of life.

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