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Sustainable Tourist Project in Baja California
Sustainable Tourist Project in Baja California

Los Cabos, Baja California Sur

It is a project of the highest quality that integrates residential zones, two golf courses, a marina and a highway realignment.

The integral environmental management that Eco Red has brought to this project from its beginning to the current construction state has created a project in harmony with the landscape and the natural local terrain.



Eco Red’s most outstanding activities are:

  • Development of the Environmental Impact Manifestation and the Change in Land Use study.
  • Managing and presenting all legal paper work with government agencies in relation to the environment.
  • Environmental coordination and supervision
  • Designing and executing projects for the Landscape Ecology
  • Environmental evaluation and monitoring
  • Rescue of vegetation and transplant of the species
  • Capture, assessment and relocation of fauna (approximately 250 individuals)
  • Creation of a nursery for the temporary care of vegetal species rescued which accounts for 35,000 rescued individuals
  • Complete fulfillment of the Mexican environmental norms
  • Construction under the highest quality and security standards
  • Construction architecture in perfect harmony with the landscape, the vegetation and the local fauna.
  This is a project of environmental excellence.


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