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RWTP Metepec
PTAR Metepec

Metepec, Estado de México.

Municipal Residual Water Treatment System: METEPEC I SEDAGRO, designed and constructed by Eco Red in the State of Mexico.



Treats 100 lps of residual water and generates clean water of very high quality that services the main Municipal office of Metepec and other federal and state dependencies for the SEDAGRO group.


The tertiary treated water is ready to be reused for irrigation in the nurseries, green areas, garden areas, wet lands, fountains, lakes and re-filling the aquifer allowing the environmental improvement of the zone.

  A lake and wetlands have been built around the Treatment Plant representative of the different ecosystems for the State of Mexico, with the purpose of establishing a “Live Water Museum” that integrates a sample of the non-evergreen coniferous forests, xerophytes scrub and wetlands of the plateau, whose objective is to promote a sustainable culture and efficient use of the resource.



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