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Integral Tourist Development "Riviera Cancun"
Integral Tourist Development "Riviera Cancun"

Third Stage of the CIP Cancun of FONATUR

Tourist Residential Project with a 36 hole golf course, club house, maintenance garage, beach clubs and low impact real estate development.
  From its beginning, Eco Red provided integral environmental management and completed various studies and activities such as topographic blueprints, assessment for the project’s design, Characterization and Environmental Feasibility studies, Fauna of Terrestrial Vertebrates, Geohidrology, sea turtles, Vegetation, Wetlands, vegetation associations and ictic characterization as well as the Environmental Impact Manifestation in its regional modality.
  The success and importance of the project to the southeast Mexican zone, is the protection of more tan 680 hectares established as conservation, restoration and ecological reserve zones (83% of the property).
  Additionally, within what is considered as used areas, “Biological Corridors” will be created between the different project elements which will guarantee the conservation of vegetal species and the free circulation of the fauna species that are found in the property.
  Currently the project is in construction and Eco Red performs rescue and transplant activities of vegetal species, creation of the nursery and restoration of the wetlands. Eco Red is also in charge of the Environmental Supervision through an integrated team of qualified personnel responsible for the execution, supervision and verification for the fulfillment of the Integral Environmental Management Program (PIMA).




  The PIMA consists of subprograms for the rescue and conservation of flora and fauna, Fertilizer Management and plague control, handling and recycling of solid and liquid residuals, environmental education and training, environmental quality and sustainable water use, besides all the measures that will be handled as impact mitigation measures.
  The project Riviera Cancún is built under the most rigid environmental guidelines, guaranteeing the protection of the region’s ecosystems.



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